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1) high-gain MC phono pre which can be used with MC cartridges like DENON103(0.3mV) without step-up transformer Currently wired for about 56dB gain, 0.3mv Denon103 cartridge output will become 0.18V(600 times amplification), which is enough to fully drive any BRNOCO AMP/INTEAMPS without step-up transformer

2) CR type RIAA equalization for accurate LP reproduction

3) zero NFB(negative feedback)

4) Cascode design for ultimate high frequency reproduction

5) separate RIAA modules can be replaced with more interesting(?) RIAA modules in the future.

6) tube assortment: 12AU7 x 3, 12AX7 x 2

7) Initially designed as small footprint one box solution with only 1 input, but by requests of many vinyl enthusiasts, it will have 4 RCA inputs mostly for vinyl.(ex, 2 MC phono + 2 line input). Final design will be like Terra Integrated without top tubes/transformers

8) will be available Feb 2024

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