Tubes old or new are all great devices.

Once they are driven in their optimal operating conditions, they all sound beautiful.

It’s necessary to find out their characteristics(not only numbers in the data sheet, but their actual sound characteristics when they sing) in detail and find ways to make them sing.

I love small watts.

Of course single ended is the best but modern speakers demand more than that.

So I design based on power requirement, but make it exceptionally powerful and dynamic regardless of the specified power output.



Make it simple, as pure as possible.

Only essential circuit/parts are considered, and tubes and our own design transformers are organically designed so that the combination can bring out the best sound from the tubes used.

Try to hit the sweet spot of each tubes involved so that they can sing for us.

Less is more



We design all transformers ourselves not only signal transformers like output, interstage transformers, but also power and choke transformers.

Transformers are the heart and soul of tube amplifier and we design all transformers so that they can function perfectly in terms of sonic excellence and reliability.


Signal transformers(output, interstage) are designed around interacting tubes’ optimum operating conditions so that they can deliver their full potential.


Power transformers are designed to supply exact voltage/current to the tubes involved, also they are overbuilt so that they can retain speed/reliability on most severe demands(transients).


Choke transformers are integrated in the DC filter circuit so that they can maximize voltage regulation also simplifying the circuit.



All our amps/transformers are handmade by our artisan master builders of minimum 30 years experience in the audio field. They are meticulously made in every detail and we have limited monthly production number to maintain the integrity of the product. So please understand the possible long waiting time when it occurs.

All BRUNOCO products are MADE IN KOREA